7. How to get a blind box in BitKeep

BKB holders will be eligible to participate in BitKeep airdrop events. But first, you need to get hold of some BKBs. In BitKeep, swap tokens for just one time, you’ll get a blind box containing BKBs. Following our rules, you will be able to unlock your blind box containing a random number of BKBs. Both the inviter (you) and the contributors can get BKBs, which will then be deposited in your BitKeep Cloud Wallets.

How to get a blind box

  1. Launch BitKeep, go to Swap. Swap your tokens. You can get a blind box once the transaction is successful;
  2. On BitKeep Wallet page, tap the NAV bar in the upper right corner, and tap [Blind Box];
  3. Tap a blind box to go to the blind box task page and you’ll see the progress of the task;
  4. Read the rules and then share the link or the QR code on the page with your friends and invite them to help. You all will get BKBs once the task is completed;
  5. Return to BitKeep Wallet interface, and tap the NAV bar in the upper right corner to go to Cloud Wallet page to check your BKBs;

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Disclaimers: This tutorial is only a guide to BitKeep Cloud Wallet, and does not constitute BitKeep’s investment advice. Capital investments are subject to market risks. You may want to fully understand the related risks before making investment decisions at your own discretion.

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